furnace burners

Heaters Gonna Heat

If you find that your relationship with your heater feels a bit cold, it’s time to give your home heating system the TLC it deserves. Whether you’re looking to get a head start on the winter months by raising your house heat, or you’re diving headfirst into a cold snap without too much preparation, your heater always has your back, so it’s time that you had its. ... Read More
common furnace problems and what to do

Furnace Repair: 10 Common Furnace Problems (and What to Do)

Struggling with your furnace? It can be a real problem to go without your heating in the colder months. Naturally, you’ll want a quick fix. But before you make the call to your local HVAC company, consider running through the items on this list. Many of these issues have easy fixes, so you might be able to get back to normal in a snap. ... Read More
carbon monoxide and your furnace and water heater

Carbon Monoxide and Your Furnace and Water Heater

Having concerns about carbon monoxide is normal. After all, we all want breathe clean air and have our homes to be safe! Fortunately, keeping CO2 risks down is relatively simple. Once you understand the potential problem spots around your home, it’s easy to take preventative measures—beyond your trusty CO2 sensor. Just follow these notes if you need a refresher on what to check. ... Read More
Steps for Home Winterization in Boise

8 Steps for Home Winterization in Boise

Taking good care of your home means you have to put in some extra effort when the seasons change. You might spruce up your lawn and landscaping in the spring, do some painting or power washing in summer, and then spend time raking leaves in autumn. Getting ready for winter, though, is another matter. ... Read More