There are a number of unpleasant scenarios which can happen to any air conditioning system which is not regularly and properly serviced. There are numerous moving parts in an air-conditioning system which need to be lubricated so that they don’t wear out too soon, there are refrigerant levels which need to be checked and sometimes augmented, and there are filters which need to be cleaned and/or replaced to ensure that clean air is circulated throughout the home. 

There are some other points as well which a qualified air-conditioning technician will check on your cooling system to be sure that it’s ready to meet the demands of the summer cooling season, and only a trained technician will be aware of all these requirements. When regular servicing is ignored, it’s very likely that the operating life of your cooling system will be shortened, simply because it’s working harder than it should be, and because parts are probably wearing out sooner than they should. 

Regular servicing will also provide an opportunity to identify any components which are close to failure, so these can be replaced prior to an actual breakdown, or prior to a situation calling for significant repair work. In short, servicing your air-conditioning unit regularly can extend its life and can reduce the likelihood of any kind of malfunction or system failure. Here are some things to consider about regular servicing, with spring in full bloom right now and summer just around the corner. 

Warranty considerations 

The warranty which came with your air-conditioning system when you purchased it will only be valid if you can demonstrate that the system has been regularly serviced. The manufacturer will only guarantee the operation of an air conditioner if it has been provided with the service it needs for optimum performance by a qualified professional. Ignoring that needed service will not only put your system at risk of failure, but it will effectively negate the warranty you were provided with at purchase time. 

Money savings 

If you think you’re saving money by avoiding regular servicing, that kind of thinking is dead wrong. By ignoring essential servicing for your cooling system, you’re definitely increasing the risk of parts wearing out faster, as well as the potential for decreased performance. These things in time will lead to your system working much harder than it should, which will result in increased energy bills. It may also result in expensive repairs or a complete failure of your system, and when that happens, the money it costs you to replace or repair your air-conditioned conditioning system will be much greater than any maintenance costs would have been. 

By providing your air-conditioning system with an annual tuneup, you can maximize energy efficiency, and increase the cooling capacity of your system for the summer. There’s no getting around the fact that belts, coils, blowers, and fans have to work much harder when they haven’t been properly serviced. 

It’s also true that dirt, pollen, and other airborne particles can become trapped in your registers, air ducts, and grills, thereby decreasing their efficiency and probably degrading your indoor air quality as well. For the continued good performance of your air-conditioning system, as well as the continued maintenance of healthy indoor air quality, it’s definitely to your advantage to carry out an annual servicing of your air-conditioning system. 

Need maintenance for your Boise, Idaho air conditioning system?  

Every air conditioning system needs regular maintenance in order to perform up to its capabilities and to operate at close to the manufacturer’s specifications. Most homeowners can perform simple tasks like changing filters and washing the unit, but there are some aspects of maintenance that only a qualified professional can handle best. To ensure that your cooling system is ready to face the demands of the summer season, contact Right Now Heating and Air Conditioning at (208) 939-4475 or by visiting to schedule your appointment.  

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