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Would you spend $8 to save $8000? Of course you would! When you spend a little on a clean air filter, you are reducing the chance that your HVAC system will fail overtime. That is one of the very real benefits of keeping clean filters in your home’s heating & air conditioning system

It may seem hard to believe, but there is a strong argument that your HVAC system’s filter may just be the most important part of your home’s comfort system.

No matter what month of the year or season, you’ll want to make sure you have a new filter in your home’s system in order to reduce seasonal allergens.

As your air conditioning system runs, you are actually moving all the air in your home through that filter. That means all of the dust, pollens, dander & pollutants have to pass through that one single point and are ultimately trapped there. For every particulate of matter the filter traps, you are keeping that particulate out of your home and out of your lungs.

Keep your home’s air clean while keeping your home comfort system running at maximum efficiency. Even in the cleanest of homes the air filter will become clogged with these particles and this will cause your system to have to work much harder. Over time, this has the effect of wearing out your HVAC system’s blower motor, along with other key components. In addition, your system will have to work hard to produce comfortable heat. Translation. Your system is less efficient, and the cost to heat and cool your home increases. Additionally, you reduce the life of your system.

The good news is that is here to make changing your home’s air filter easy, and all the while keeping the air in your home filtered and fresh! And . delivers the filters to your door so you have the filters when you need them.